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作者:寒笙  来源: NGA  发布时间: 2017-07-08 14:35:30  178vwin官网玩家群:339848788


 MattVi (Senior Game Designer):

To give a bit of insight from a Hero Design perspective, one thing we have to be careful about when using Root effects is that they clear the target's Move orders. This can feel super awkward as an enemy if you don't realize you were hit by a CC (why did my Hero stop moving?), and is the reason that our existing Root effects tend to be on very visually distinct, noticeable abilities. We've sometimes opted to do a very large Slow instead of a Root in places where this felt problematic.

To some extent the reduced effectiveness of Slows on high-mobility heroes is important because they're dependent on their mobility, but you raise a good point that their relative value is affected by the prevalence of Slows. This is something we're keeping an eye on, and it's likely you'll see some more CC effects that work on high-mobility heroes in the future (like Stukov's Lurking Arm).