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设计师谈论隐身系 考虑把重心从爆发转向功能

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Sorry I've had a super busy couple of days and haven't had a chance to respond, but it's great that there's a lot of good discussion going on in here. I found some time recently to chat with the Balance team about the gameplay purpose of Stealth in our game and wanted to share what came out of that.

As the Balance team currently sees it, the purpose of Stealth is-

Defense/Escape - Stealth makes you more difficult to target, and can also make it easier to escape danger. Skillful escapes using Stealth are cool.

Positional Advantage - Stealth makes it easier to get into positions your enemy would normally not expect you to be in. Since your risk of getting caught out is relatively low, you're less restricted by enemy map control than other heroes.

Map Advantage - Stealth makes it hard for enemies to know where you are on the map, which forces them to play more cautiously because they never know when you might show up in their lane or jump them on a Merc camp. This gives your teammates an edge in terms of controlling the map.

It's worth noting that none of these things necessarily require being able to show up invisibly on top of someone and 100-0 them. However as many have pointed out in this thread, several of our current Stealth heroes rely on that playstyle to be effective.

We still haven't determined what kind of changes we might make, but one possibility is trying to push some of our more burst-dependent Stealth heroes into having a bit more of a utility focus. Shifting some of their power to things like misdirection, scouting, map control, etc could be one way to make them feel more fair to play against while keeping them interesting to play as.

It's been interesting reading all the comments & ideas in this thread so far, and I'll keep popping in periodically if I have anything useful to add. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! =)

除此之外在他的回复 [[1]] 中,他指出当前对隐身系英雄来说,他们能不能一套秒掉走位失误的脆皮直接决定了他们的生死,这一点无法简单地用数值调整来解决。在 [[2]] 中他认为,隐身在高端局除了不能被瞄准之外跟不存在没有区别,以及在低端局等于完全隐形,这两个极端其实都是存在问题的。隐身可以用来测试游戏意识,但不应该用来测试视力或者显示屏质量。